Replacement car key market trend

Replacement car key market trend

  • 2020-12-09

As a professional manufacturer in producing Replacement car keys, QINUO needs to focus on the market information all the time. With the fast development of auto parts replacement car key industry, it seems that people are rely on the automatic products day by day. And it is obvious trend and we could get some special experience and benefit from them.Guess that is the reason why it could become a trend, which is hard to be effected by other types of Replacement car key products.


There is a news that the automotive smart Replacement car key market will be registered a CAGR of over 7% during the forecast period in 2020-2025. Which means there still be an increasing number for smart Replacement car key in the future 5 years. Automotive smart Replacement car key has gained traction over the last decade, owing to advantages, such as increased vehicle security. Features similar to high-end luxury cars are also being implemented in budget cars by companies, such as Honda, which are engaged in developing smart keys for budget cars. In addition, the emergence of advanced technology, which makes use of radio frequency (RF) signals and converts them to digital information, has made smart keys more prevalent in the automotive sector, which is expected to drive the growth of the market in the near future.


As the market trend shows, QINUO will still focus on and put a lot of efforts to the smart car key programming technology with using it advantage of RF tech. Car brand like BMW, BENZ, these companies still update their car models per month. How to catch that speeding step to follow the trend? It is kind of difficult, but QINUO is figuring it out now.

The automotive smart key market study includes various applications, such as single function and multi-function technologies, such as Transmitter Technology (Remote Keyless Entry), Capacitive Sensor Technology (Passive Keyless Entry), Infra-red Sensor Technology (only qualitative analysis) and Other technologies, and installation done by OEM and aftermarket.

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