Innovative Receiver Kit for Gate Automation--QINUO ELECTRONICS

Innovative Receiver Kit for Gate Automation--QINUO ELECTRONICS

  • 2020-12-09


Qinuo Electronics, which is a professional manufacturer with R&D for gate and door automation for 10 years. Including sensors, remote controls, controllers etc. And we have been committed to developing good products for users, making life easier.

Here I would like to recommend one of our most popular remotes control--Charger remote Smart kit:

With our Garage Door Opener Car Charge smart kit, you can charge your electronics devices in your car, when car is approaching to garage door within 0-45Meters(working range is adjustable), garage door/gate will open automatically.
When car is out of detection range, garage door or gate will close automatically.

And smart kit=1 charger remote+1 receiver

Garage Door Opener Car Charger remote--Duo, it’s the most creative products, car charger+garage door remote in one product. With Duo, you can take only this to charge your electronics devices like mobile, ipad etc and control your garage doors in the car by pressing buttons. It brings much convenience to users, which is one of our most hot products in Duo.

For now we have three version:

First is fixed code in fixed frequency

Second is fixed code in multi frequency from 286-868

Third is multi code and multi frequency.

Of course, we can even add your own code in charger remote, to OEM for your company.

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